Training Materials (by permission only)

The training materials used to effectively conduct a Rapid Word Collection workshop are the intellectual property of SIL and are available on SIL’s intranet site, Insite. The link below will take you to the Insite page where you can access the training materials. If you do not have login credentials for Insite, please contact SIL’s Dictionary & Lexicography Services for permission to obtain the training materials.


Training materials (on Insite)


The training materials include the following documents:

RWC Consultant Manual

RWC Coordinator’s Manual

Instructions for Team Leaders

Instructions for Scribes

Instructions for Language Experts

Instructions for Record-keeper

Instructions for Glossers

Instructions for Typists

List of Semantic Domains (Outline or Hierarchical format)

Citation Form

Exercises on Idioms

Record-keeping spreadsheet (training version)

semdom version: 
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