Madhya-Purbiya Tharu (Nepal) RWC workshop a huge success

Tharu word-collection group

A Rapid Word Collection workshop was held for the Madhya-Purbiya Tharu language September 9-17. The event was hosted by SIL at its office complex in Kathmandu in collaboration with Mother Tongue Center Nepal (NGO). Six word-collection groups worked for ten days and succeeded in collecting nearly 23,000 lexical items. All items were both glossed and entered into a FLEx database by the end of the workshop--a noteworthy feat. More than 50 individuals participated in one way or another, with Verna Stutzman facilitating the training of the key participants, with the help of Mari-Sisko Khadgi (Language Development Foundations Activities Manager for SIL Nepal) and Sushil Subba (Director of MTCN) as translators. For more details, see the Madhya-Purbiya Tharu report on this website.