kqy [Koorete]
Word collection dates: 
Monday, 10 November, 2014 to Friday, 21 November, 2014
Total days: 
Keele, Amaaro woreda, Ethiopia
Total participants: 
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Local context: 
Keele is the town/city which serves as the administrative center for the Amaaro "woreda". Participants either lived nearby or were lodged nearby for the duration of the workshop. The workshop was organized by the Amaaro woreda Office of Culture and was held in a conference room in a government building.
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Software used: 
FLEx 8.1

Four groups of four individuals worked diligently to collect words from semantic domains 1-8. (The Amharic translation of domain 9 was not yet available, and no mother-tongue linguists were part of the assembled group.) Ten days were set aside to accomplish as much of this as proved to be possible. No one expected the group to achieve 100% of the available domains, yet they did--and with numerous hours to spare!

Unfortunately, the participants' enthusiasm was offset somewhat by electrical supply problems throughout the duration of the workshop. Lack of electricity hampered the typists' efforts to keep pace with the word-collection groups, so that by the end of the two-week period, only 60% of the words collected had been entered into the computer. Being limited by funds to a total of 20 participants (plus the coordinator and logistics manager), the decision was made to have the typists do the glossing "on the fly" (as they entered the Koorete words in FLEx). This, of course, slowed the data-entry process compared to what it might have been had there been a separate team of glossers. However, the word-collection teams all switched to glossing mode after completing all of the domains in sections 1 through 8, so that all of the glossing was complete by the end of the ten days. During the third week (Nov 24-28), two teams of five examined the typed data for errors, and the typists typed the corrections into the database. Entering of the backlog from the word-collection phase was left until the week after that (Dec 1-5).