Suang Lotud RWC workshop held in Malaysia September 18-29

Lotud word-collection group

A RWC workshop organized by the Suang Lotud community was held near Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia September 18-29, 2013. It was not the ideal time to hold the workshop, as many Lotud speakers were unavailable, but it was the only time that would work for certain key participants.

Because of the limited number of personnel available, only three word-collection groups could be formed (instead of the usual six), and the word collection lasted only one week instead of the prescribed two. Nevertheless, 5063 words were collected in 380 semantic domains, as the few who were present worked diligently, even into the evening and night-time hours. Entries in the FLEx database were periodically exported and uploaded to webonary.org. This was a source of never-ending astonishment and delight to the participants of the workshop.

Because many semantic domains remained unexplored at the end of the limited time that was able to be allocated in September, follow-up sessions will be scheduled, to work toward completing the task of collecting Lotud words for the dictionary that the community wants to produce.

An article about this workshop has been published on the SIL website. You can read it here.

New website: semdom.org

We are making steady progress on our websites.  The semdom.org website has now gone live. It used to be embedded in this site, but has now been separated for several reasons. Not everyone who uses Ron Moe's semantic domain model are interested in Rapid Word Collection and the site would be more useful if it were directly accessible, rather than a submenu of this site.  Secondly, as the semantic domain model changes, we want to have a permanent record of the domains and where they get moved to between versions.  Now, with the acquisition of semdom.org, the URI for each domains will be constant, and migrating systems from one version to another of the Semantic Domains will be easier.

The domain for words describing happiness are found here in version 4 of the Semantic Domains:


Any program that uses the domains can reference this uri which also includes the version of the domains.  Previously, software used in word collection would only reference the specific domain number: without specifying which version of the domains.

Anyway, try out the domain search on semdom.org. It is fun to use!