RWC progress-tracking tool

This file is a workbook (set of spreadsheets) which allows the Record-keeper in a RWC workshop to monitor progress during the word-collection process and to predict the outcome of the workshop (words collected, number of domains treated), based on the results of the work already done since the beginning of the workshop. This document has now been updated (6 July 2015) from the version that had been available here earlier. This version has an added sheet which has the domains listed in the specific-first order that results from the export with that name from FLEx. Since this is the recommended format to be used in a RWC workshop, the new "Data Input" sheet is where data is to be recorded. The old "Details" sheet has been renamed to "Generic first," and is for reference only. This tool is available in Microsoft Excel and Libre Office Calc formats. If you encounter any problems with it, please let us know about them so we can fix them.

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