Informed Consent form

This form or a translated equivalent must be signed by each workshop participant. The content and/or format may be modified to make it acceptable to a particular culture, but the final wording should protect the data collected during the workshop from being misused by some individual or group, and should allow photos and video clips taken during the workshop to be used for the promotion of RWC worldwide.

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RWC progress-tracking tool

This file is a workbook (set of spreadsheets) which allows the Record-keeper in a RWC workshop to monitor progress during the word-collection process and to predict the outcome of the workshop (words collected, number of domains treated), based on the results of the work already done since the beginning of the workshop.

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RWC Overview (PPT outline)

This file is in PDF format, generated from a Microsoft Power Point file. It is designed to be used in a lecture-style presentation explaining what Rapid Word Collection is, a bit of how it works, and what one can typically expect as a result of running a two-week workshop.

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