Key terms for the Glossary

The following terms have been identified as challenging to translate into the vernacular, but are important if the participants are to understand the process of Rapid Word Collection.  They are listed here with explanations and suggestions for how to translate them into languages which may not have these concepts.  It is suggested that you print out the entire list and translate them into the language that you will be collecting words in.

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borrowed word rechercher ce terme

a word commonly used in a given language, but whose origins are in a different language

Synonymes: loan word


capitalization rechercher ce terme

A word written with the first letter in upper case, as is commonly the practice in many languages for names of people and places.

citation form rechercher ce terme

the form of a word most easily recognized by native speakers as its "fundamental" form; the form used to look up a word in a dictionary

compound rechercher ce terme

a word formed by joining two or more words (e.g., homework)

coordinator rechercher ce terme

the person who oversees all that goes on in a RWC workshop


definition rechercher ce terme

a detailed explanation of the meaning of a word

dictionary rechercher ce terme

an alphabetized list of the words of a language which includes definitions, parts of speech, example sentences, pictures, etc.

Synonymes: dictionaries lexicon lexicons

division rechercher ce terme

any of the 9 top-level units into which the semantic domain templates are broken down, numbered 1 through 9

Synonymes: divisions section sections

domain name rechercher ce terme

the term (or title) that summarizes the content of a particular semantic domain

domain number rechercher ce terme

the outline-style number that indicates the relationship of a particular domain to others within the semantic domain hierarchy

domain template rechercher ce terme

the explanatory prose, questions, and example words that make up the prompts for the elicitation of words in a particular semantic domain

Synonymes: domain templates


example word rechercher ce terme

a suggestion provided in the language of the semantic domain templates to serve as a guide for the search for vocabulary in the target language

Synonymes: example words


folder rechercher ce terme

a subset of the Questionnaire that is treated as a unit during a RWC workshop

Synonymes: folders


gloss rechercher ce terme

a short (one word, if possible) translation equivalent

Synonymes: glosses

glossary rechercher ce terme

a "dictionary" consisting of little or no more than an alphabetized list of words in one language and their glosses in a second language

glosser rechercher ce terme

a person who writes short (usually 1-2 words) translation equivalents (glosses) in a more widely known language for the words collected during a RWC workshop

Synonymes: glossers


hierarchy rechercher ce terme

(in RWC context) a ranked system of semantic domains, where certain domains are subdivided into multiple others

homographs rechercher ce terme

words with identical orthographies


idiom rechercher ce terme

a multi-word expression whose meaning cannot easily be guessed simply by knowing the meaning of each of the words that comprise it

Synonymes: idiomatic expression idiomatic expressions idioms


language expert rechercher ce terme

a native speaker who is intimately acquainted with both the language which is the subject of a RWC workshop and its culture

language of wider communication rechercher ce terme

a language used by multiple ethnic groups for communication between speakers of different mother tongues; a trade language

Synonymes: LWC

lexical database rechercher ce terme

a set of words and expressions which comprise the basic components of a language, in electronic format

list of semantic domains rechercher ce terme

the set of linguistic and cultural categories used to classify words and expressions relative to the area(s) of life in which they are used


meaning rechercher ce terme

semantic content associated with a word or phrase

mental network of semantic relations rechercher ce terme

the set of interconnected relationships between semantic domains as they relate to a language and culture

misspelled rechercher ce terme

incorrect application of a language's orthography

multi-word expression rechercher ce terme

a lexical unit of a language that is made up of more than one word (e.g., kick the bucket, start over)

Synonymes: idiom idiomatic expression


orthography rechercher ce terme

the way a language is written


progress spreadsheet rechercher ce terme

a spreadsheet which facilitates reporting the number of words already collected at any given time during a word-collection workshop, as well as helping to monitor the performance of each word-collection group

Synonymes: spreadsheet


question rechercher ce terme

(in the RWC context) a prompt to facilitate the collection of words which belong in a particular semantic domain

Synonymes: questions


response sheet rechercher ce terme

the sheet of paper where the scribe writes down the words that are collected by a word-collection group in a Rapid Word Collection workshop

Synonymes: response sheets


scribe rechercher ce terme

the member of a word-collection group who writes down words as the other members of the group say them

semantic domain rechercher ce terme

an area of meaning which relates to a certain concept or a particular context in life For more information about the semantic domains used in Rapid Word Collection go to semdom.org.

Synonymes: semantic domains domain domains

sense rechercher ce terme

one of (potentially) multiple meanings of a word

Synonymes: senses

slang rechercher ce terme

language-usage that is informal, not typical of speakers of the language in general, and is usually identified with a particular subset of the society; often described in pejorative terms by those who consider their way of speaking to be "correct"

specialized domain rechercher ce terme

a semantic domain dealing with an aspect of life about which only certain individuals have in-depth knowledge

subdivision rechercher ce terme

a portion of a division

Synonymes: subsection subdomain


thesaurus rechercher ce terme

a list of words in a given language that is organized by semantic theme

typist rechercher ce terme

someone who enters data into a computer

Synonymes: typists


word-collection group rechercher ce terme

a group of 3-5 language experts who work together to cite words from their language in the context of a Rapid Word Collection workshop

Synonymes: word-collection groups word collection group word collection groups