Report Listing

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Emplacement Total participants Total raw words collected
Djimini Baptist Church, Dabakala, Côte d'Ivoire 39 13,702
Acoma Pueblo of Acoma, NM 37 9,321
Gusiilaay Thionck-Essyl, Casamance, Senegal 38 12,485
Ikizu-Sizaki Nyamuswa, Mara, Tanzania 39 13,504
Dangaleat Koubo-Adougoul, Guera region, Chad 42 13,084
Naami Sabongida, Northwest Province, Cameroon 62 18,890
Chungmboko Misaje (training), Kimbi (word collection) - both in NW Region, Cameroon 70 12,264
Thulung SIL Nepal office, Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal 28 11,072
Syuba SIL Nepal office, Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal 34 12,608
Kabwa Mmazami (Makutano), Tanzania 38 8,880